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Hair & Scalp Treatments and Therapies

 Have you noticed that your hair has become dry, brittle, lacking luster,  sheds constantly, tangles easily?  Or has your hair loss gotten worst? Are you experiencing bald patches that won't regrow no matter what you do?


HBTC has successfully addressed these very concerns and more. We tackle finding the root cause of your hair loss of upmost importance, then we create a customized treatment regimen with our proprietary blend of treatments and therapies to properly address the problem.

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What Should You Do?

 Several factors cause hair loss, so why not start by consulting with a specialist for hair loss and scalp problems?  Get to the root cause of your hair loss concerns.  Begin your recovery now!

Treatments & Therapies

Low Level Laser Therapy

HBTC utilizes FDA cleared medical grade Low Level Light Lasers to aid in strengthening the follicles, promote blood circulation to the follicle, strengthen the existing hairs and promote new growth.

Proprietary Blend TrichoTherapy

Come in to experience the benefits of our proprietary blends of mineral clay mask with essential oils custom designed to remove build-up, excessive sebum and dead skin cells; additionally stabilizing the sebaceous glands to promote a healthy growth environment for new hair.

Aquatic Mister

Experience this luxury treatment that infuses each strand with nutrient-rich micro-mist. Not only does this treatment hydrate your hair, prevent breakage and split ends; it also improves hair texture making it soft, supple, and easier to manage.


Blood circulation is very important to healthy hair growth. With our microstimulation therapy treatments, cellular production is increased, rich blood circulation is improved, and the follicles are strengthened from the inside out. This could be the boost needed to help stop your hair loss and promote new growth.

Nutritional Balance

What are you eating? or not eating? If your hair isn't receiving the proper amount of nutrients, it will not thrive. At times supplementation is necessary. Do not be confused, all supplements are not good supplements. Learn what your hair needs to be healthier and stronger. We can discuss this more in the consultation.