Custom Medical Wigs

Hair loss is not the end of the world and in some cases such as women who are faced with hair loss from chemotherapy or radiation treatment for example the hair will grow back. No matter if it is permanent or temporary wigs are a perfect solution to having beautiful hair and the ability to switch up your look. Wigs are safe and customizable hair loss options!


"Hair loss doesn't have to be an end, it can be a beginning..." - Jessica Benjamin

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Mature Woman with Short Hair

Types of Hair Loss Covered By Insurance - for a “ Cranial Prosthesis”

  • Alopecia Hair Loss

  • Chemotherapy Related Hair Loss

  • Radiation Related Hair Loss

  • Thyroid Related Hair Loss

  • Kidney Related Hair Loss

  • Cancer Related Hair Loss

  • Medical Issue Related Hair Loss

  • Accident Related Hair Loss


Wigs for Veterans Program

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short brown hair

Wigs for Veterans

Veterans! HBTC offers a "Wigs for Veterans" Program. Customized wig units are covered by VA Benefits. If you are suffering from hair loss, speak to your PCM, and request to be seen at Hair & Beauty Treatment Center, we will take care of it from there. If you need help, click the link below!